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Nodding Onion Gardens

Our family run native plant nursery is, located in Columbia Station, Ohio southwest of Cleveland, Ohio. We propagate and raise a variety of perennial Ohio wildflowers that are suitable for either: rain, prairie, woodland or pollinator gardens. We attend numerous farmer's markets throughout each season.

Our Methods

To encourage diversity in our stock the majority of our Ohio native wildflowers are started from seed. We are proudly implementing holistic agricultural practices. Future goals include becoming a certified urban organic farm.


Our Vision 


That small backyard wildflower gardens become the norm in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Collectively, these gardens will contribute to an improved ecosystem for both wildlife and future generations.

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Christmas Squirrel
Beth Reis Photography

They tried to bury us,
They didn't know
We were seeds!

Mexican Proverb

Snow bee hive

"If you feed them they will come"

Rosemary, Cleveland Metroparks volunteer

Nodding Onion Garden's News

December 9, 2018

Thank you for an amazing 2018 season! See you  in the spring.

Nature Scoop December 2018 - By Toni 

Recycled Nursery Pots - Thank you for saving us your used nursery pots!


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Nodding Onion Gardens is listed in the Cleveland Metroparks Native Plant Nursery Map


Hungry Bluejay
Beth Reis Photography