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Benificials in the Garden and Landscape logo
Advice, pictures on who are the "Good Guys" and who aren't.
Picture of Research Extension Florida, USA
Hundreds of insects, pictures, habitat, listed by common name, scientific name and habitat.

bee on obedient plant
USDA Forest Service
Cleveland Metroparks, Ohio
milkweed - Ken and Paula Korber
Landscaping for Biodiversity with Ohio Native Plants: A Species Guide for Plantings -
A garden full of native plants
Spend less time and money, attract more pollinators and birds and help the environment
button bush with bee on it

The Lake Erie Allegheny Partnership for Biodiversity (LEAP) is a consortium of organizations operating within a wide spectrum of conservation missions with regard to our natural world.

National Wildlife Backyard ohio
This site has a wealth of information to help butterflies, hummingbirds, songbirds, and bees in your yard. It includes fliers, videos, and tips on how to become a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat.

Saving Our Bees - By Heather Holmes - 2017
logo MIdwest Native Plant Society
Our mission is to promote awareness of the importance of native plants and the wildlife that depend on them, within biologically diverse ecosystems and in our own home landscapes.
Monarch is yet another organization that works towards improving our ecosystem.
logo Native Plant Society of Northeastern Ohio, USA
To promote the study, appreciation and conservation of Ohio's native plants and plant communities.
logo for Ohio Ohio Plants .org
This site is a wonderful resources if you are interested in learning more scientific information about Ohio native plants.
Logo for Ohio Prairie Association
This site is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about Ohio (USA)prairie plants.

 There is no cost to become a member of OPA, join us in encouraging others to better understand Ohio's Prairies.
Play Clean
Stop Invasive species in Your Tracks! Spread the word not problem 
bees on wildflower
The Xerces Society is a great organization to support.