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Asarum canadense - Wild Ginger

Ohio Native Plant - Natural Range
Visit the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service website  to view the natural range of Wild Ginger.
young wild ginger plants
After a long winter nap!
Wildlife Significance
Host Plant: For Pipevine Swallowtail caterpillars

Pollinated - By flies and beetles

Seed Dispersal - Is a job for ants!

White Tailed Deer - Aren't fond of ginger. It seems if they are hungry enough they will eat anything.

For more details on this plant visit the Illinois Wildflowersite
flower growing on Wild Ginger - Asarum canadense
Above Photo - Jennifer Anderson @ USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database
Asarum canadense
Cultivation Information

- 6 - 8 inch
Flower Color - Maroon, small flower without petals is hidden under the plants leaves
Blooms - April - June
Hardy Zone - 3 - 8
Soil - Moist/rich and loose

Organic Material -
Wild Ginger does best with a layer of leaf humus/organic material

Family – Aritolochiaceae

Space – 10 to 12 inches apart

Uses – Woodland Ground cover - slow growing
Wild Ginger
Wild Ginger
Wild Ginger
Wild Ginger - By Suzy Rafferty
Plant Provenance - Root Stock - Hickory Farms - 2011 Mosinee, WI - Seed - NOG 2012 - present