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 Aster laevis - Smooth Blue Aster 

Ohio Native Plant -Natural Range
Visit the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service website to view the natural range of Smooth Blue Aster.
Smooth Blue Aster - Aster laevis
Smooth Blue Aster - Roger Dahlin
Wildlife Significances

Oligolectic Bees –
are bees that are very particular as to what plant family they gather their nectar and pollen. False Sunflower is such a plant for several bees: Andrena accepta, Andrena aliciae, Andrena helianthi, Pseudopanurgus rugosus .

Host Plant - Pearl and Northern Crescent, Various Checkerspots, Painted ladies.

Annual Host Plants - Hollyhocks are also host plants for Painted ladies.

Nectar Source -Skippers, Butterflies: Painted Ladies, Monarchs and Sulphurs.Wasps, flies, moths and beetles provides late fall food for bees (long-tongued and short-tongued)

Queen Bees -
Queen Bumble bees visit asters to build up their food reserve enorder to survive the winter.

Pollen Source -
Bees, flies, beetles

Deer -
Enjoy this plant

For detailed information on this plant visit the Illinois Wildflower website.
Painted Lady
Painted Lady on Buddleia - By Ken and Paula Korber
Seed Provenance - NOG 2013 - present
Prairie Moon Nursery - Winona, MN - 2012
bee on Smooth Blue Aster
Bee visiting Smooth Blue Aster
Cultivation Information
Height - 18 inches
Flower Color - Pink
Blooms - August to October
Sun- Part to full
Hardy Zone - 3 to 9
Soil - Average

Family - Asteraceae
Smooth Blue Aster
Smooth Blue Aster
Smooth Blue Asters