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 Eupatorium altissimum 

Tall Boneset

Ohio Native Plant - Natural Range
The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service has a wonderful map showing the natural range of Boneset

Tall Boneset - Eupatorium altissimum
Eupatorium altissimum - Roger Dahlin
Wildlife Significance

Nectar Source - Bees and Butterflies:Painted ladies, Red Admirals, Tiger Swallowtail, Monarch, Silver and Spotted Skipper.

Host - Pearl Crescent (butterfly)

Deer -
They are not fond of Eupatorium species

For detailed information visit the Illinois Wildflower site
Bonset - Nodding Onion Gardens
October 26, 2012

Boneset - Ohio wildflowers
Cultivation Information
Height - 4 ft
Flower Color - White
Blooms - August - October
Sun - Full sun to part sun
Hardy zone - 3 to 9
Soil - Medium to dry

- Asteraceae
Mc Harrie Towne, Balswinsville, NY
Mc Harrie Towne, Balswinsville, NY
Beth  Here is my first photos of a Monarch  on one your plants at the McHarrie Towne Garden.
Dad ( Roger Dahlin) - September, 2012

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