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Iris cristata - Woodland Iris - Crested Iris

Ohio Native Plant - Natural Range

Iris cristata -

Visit the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service website to view the natural range of this plant
Iris Blooming
Woodland Iris ready to bloom

Wildlife Significance

Pollen/nectar - For small bees

Hummingbirds - Find this early early spring flower a fine dining spot

Iris cristata
Iris cristata

Propagation Notes - Iris cristata

Rock Gardens - Woodand Iris would be a nice addition to your native rock garden. Rocks provide a cool, moist environment for the roots of this native Ohio iris.  Ours are growing near a rocky path that receives filtered sun throughout the day and a few hours of direct sun late in the afternoon.


It took several years, however in the fall of 2018 we felt our stock was stable enough to divide. Assuming all goes will in the winter of 2018 we should have several plant available in the spring.

Our patch of Woodland Iris - 2018
Our patch of Woodland Iris - 2018
Iris cristata - just opening
Woodland Iris close to blooming

Cultivation Information

Height - 6 inches
Flower Color -
Blooms -
Early spring
Sun -
Part shade - light sun
Hardy Zone -
3 to 9

Soil - Well-drained, rich, acid soils.
Soil pH -
Acidic <6.8

Family -

Ground cover - Over time fills in as a nice ground cover

Detailed Information - Visit the Missouri Botanical Garden's website

White Iris cristata - 2018 in our gardens
White Iris cristata - 2018 in our gardens

Provenance -  Iris cristata -

 Hickory Road Gardens, WI - 2013 root stock - NOG 2014 - present