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Iris versicolor - Northern Blue Flag

Ohio Native Plant - Natural Range

Iris versicolor

To view the natural range of Blue Flag Iris visit the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service site

Deep dark blue - Blue Flag Iris
Jim Wohl - Blue Flag Iris

Wildlife Significance

Attracts - Hummingbirds

Pollinated - Bumblebees, and long-horned bees

Nectar - Skippers and butterflies
Insects - Larva from numerous insects including Syrphid fly feed on Blue Flag Iris

Poisonous - Mammals leave plant alone due to mild toxicity

Details - For more information on Northern Blue Flag Iris visit the Iris virginica shrevie page of the on the Illinois Wildflower website.

The Northern Iris's natural range is further north than the Iris shrevie, which is also known as the Southern Blue Flag Iris.

Propagation Notes

Blue Flag Iris

Collect Seed - Late in the fall after pod has turned brown. It is important not to hurry this stage or seed will not be mature

Cultivation Information

Blue Flag Iris

Height - 3 ft
Flower Color
- Violet
Blooms - May - July
Sun - Sun - part sun

Hardy Zone -

Soil - Moist

Suitable for - Rain Gardens
Family - Iridaceae
Iris versicolor ready to bloom
Iris versicolor ready to bloom
Blue flag iris seed pods
Blue Flag Iris seed pods
Blue Flag Iris seed
Blue Flag Iris seed - Nodding Onion Gardens
Close up of a huge black and white dragonfly
Dragonflies are attracted to moist flower gardens - Jim Wohl
Seed Provenance - Iris versicolor - Northern Blue Flag - Prairie Moon Nursery, Winona, MN - Nodding Onion Gardens - 2012 - Present