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Columbia Station, Ohio, USA

Packera aurea - Golden Ragwort

Ohio Native Plant - Natural Range

To view the natural range of Golden Ragwort visit the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service website.
bee on Golden Ragwort
Bee on Packera aurea

Wildlife Significance

Pollination - Little carpenter bees, cuckoo bees, Halictid bees. Small bees, Syrphidflies, Tachinid flies.

Nectar -Small bees, flies

Host plant- Leaves are food for caterpillars of the moth Orthoama obstipata

Deer - Avoid this plant

For detailed information on Golden Ragwort visit theIllinois Wildflower website
Golden ragwort
Original extremely healthy plant from Amanda's Garden
Packera aurea - Golden Ragwort
Golden Ragwort

Cultivation Information

1 to 3 feet
Flower Color
- Yellow
Blooms - April to June
Sun - Full sun part shade

Hardy Zone - 5 to 8

Soil - Moist

Family - Asteraceae


Use - Ground Cover, Rain Gardens

Propagation - Self seeds easily

Packera aurea - Golden Ragwort
Note - heart-shaped, toothed, dark green leaves
Plants Provenance - Amanda's Garden, Springwater, NY, USA - 2013 - Nodding Onion Gardens 2016 to present

Propagation Notes - This plant self-seeds, and has filled in our moist sunny spot very nicely.