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 Parthenium integrifolium - Wild Quinine

Ohio Native Plant Natural Range

Parthenium integrifolium

To view the natural range of Wild Quinine visit the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service website.
Parthenium integrifolium - Wild Quinine

Wildlife Significance

Pollen Attracts - Sweat bees, Halictine bees, wasps, flies, beetles

Nectar Attracts -
Sweatbees, leafcutter, Green Sweat bees, Cuckoobees, small carpenter bees, Syrphid flies, Tachinid flies, Flesh flies, Muscid flies, Anthomyiid flies and  Wasp. Numerous butterflies and moths including:Mint Moth, Common Wood Nymph and Great Spangled Frittary Butterflies

Leaves - Mammals avoid rough, bitter leaves on Wild Quinine

For detailed information on Wild Quinine visit the Illinois Wildflower website

Young Wild Quinine
Young Wild Quinine

Propagation Notes -

Cold/moist storage 60 days - fair germination rate, house temperature 65°F.

Seed Provenance -

Prairie Moon Nursery, Winona, MN - 2015 - Nodding Onion Garden 2016 to Present
Wild Quinine
Nodding Onion Garden's Wild Quinine

Cultivation Information

2 to 3 ft
Flower Color
- White
Blooms - June through September
Sun - Full sun, small amount of shade

Hardy Zone -

Soil - Average to dry, sand to loam

Family - Asteraceae


Parthenium integrifolium
Young Wild Quinine in a show flower pot
Parthenium integrifolium - Wild Quinine - Seeds started February 2015 - Picture taken April 13, 2016
Wild Quinine