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Ratibida columnifera - Mexican Hat - Long-headed Coneflower

Ohio Native Plant - Natural Range

To view the natural range of the Mexican Hat visit the USDSA Natural Resources Conservation Service website
Seed maturing on Ratibida columnifera
Ratibida columnifera
close of of seed on Ratibida columnifera
Seed beginning to form
Mexican Hat - Long-headed Coneflower
Seed forming on Mexican Hat
seed head from the Mexican Hat
Mexican Hat

Cultivation Information

Flower Color
- Yellow
Blooms - June - August
Sun - Full sun to part shade

Soil - Medium to dry

Hardy Zone - 3a t0 10b

Family - Asteraceae
Leaves on Long-headed Coneflower
Leaves on Long-headed Coneflower

Seed Provenance - Ratibida columnifera

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