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Columbia Station, Ohio, USA


Sedum ternatum - Wild Stonecrop

Woodland Stonecrop

Ohio Native Plant - Natural Range
Wild Stonecrop

To view the natural range of Wild Stonecrop visit the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service website.

Native Plant of the Year - LEAP (Lake Erie Allegheny Partnership for Biodiversity) - Native Plant of the Year 2015
Sedum ternatum
Young Woodland Stonecrop
Wildlife Significance - Sedum ternatum
Nectar Source - Butterflies, flies and bees like Andrena forbesii 

Pollen Sourse - For bees like Andrena forbesii and flies 

- Not a favorite of deer and other mammals

For more details on this plant visit the Illinois Wildflower website

Propagation Notes - Woodland Stonecrop

My Husband has a rock garden that I am not "allowed" to fiddle with. Although he has a fine collection of Sedums none are native to the state of Ohio. I started thinking, (that is dangerous) maybe there is a Sedum native to our home state. It turns out there is, Sedum ternatum, Wild Stonecrop, or Woodland Stonecrop. 

My quest to find this low spreading woodland ground cover ended at the Cleveland Metroparks Bio Bash, August 2017

Since, the mother plant I purchased from Native Roots LLC., was strong and healthy I decide to take a few stem cuttings. The original Wild stonecrop was planted in a woodland garden that receives filtered sun; the young plants are spending the winter in a protected cold-frame. 

Hopefully, there will be a few robust young Woodland Stonecrop waiting for us in the spring. 

Sedum ternatum
Wild Stonecrop progressing nicely!

Cultivation Information - Woodland - Stonecrop

Height - under 6 inches
Flower Color - White
Blooms - April to June
Sun - Shade - resistant to drought a leaves and stems hold water

Roots - Shallow, keep gardens weeded to reduce competition 
Hardy Zone - 4 to 8
Soil - Dry, to moist, well drained
pH - Above 7 does 

Family Crassulaceae
yard art with silly glasses and hat
Picture taken at Benjamin Franklin Garden, Old Brooklyn, Ohio
Plant Provenance - Sedum ternatum - Wild Stonecrop  Native Roots - Bio Bash 2017