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Silene Virginica - Fire Pink

Ohio Native Plant - Natural Range 

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service has a wonderful map showing the natural range of this plant
Fire Pink
Fire Pink growing in the wildflower gardens at Nodding Onion Gardens
Silene Virginica
Silene Virginica - Mark Welchley
Wildflowers of Western Pennsylvania If you are interested in learning more about native plants then I am certain you will enjoy the photos and content of Mark Welchely's Facebook Page.
fire pink
Nodding Onion Gardens - Summer 2015
Propagation Notes -

Seed -
Collect in the fall after capsules become firm, brown and dry.

Stratify -
Cold/ moist storage for 60 days

 Fire Pink growing in wildlife habitat
Jim Wohl - Fire Pink
Cultivation Information

Height - 1 to 2 ft
Flower Color - Red
Blooms - April - June
Sun - Part Shade - Woodland - Does not do well in deep shade- best with filtered sun.
Hardy Zone - Short lived perennial - will self seed 

Soil - Dry medium soil
Family – Caryophyllaceae
Mark Welchley Silene Virginica - Fire Pink
Image by Mark Welchley
Wildlife Significance

Nectar Source - Butterflies (Black Swallowtails), humming birds and Bumblebees.

Birds - Hummingbirds

For more details on this plant visit the Illinois Wildflower site.
Silene Virginica seedlings started February 2016 picture taken April 13, 2016
Silene Virginica seedls started February 2016 picture taken April 13, 2016

Seed Provenance -
Prairie Moon Nursery, Winona, MN - 2013 -  NOG - 2015 - Present