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Zizia aurea - Golden Alexanders

Ohio Native Plant - Natural Range

Zizia aurea

Visit the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service website to view the natural range Golden Alexannders
skipper which is a small butterfly resting on the yellow flowers of Zizia aurea
Skipper on Zizia aurea - Jim wohl

Wildlife Significance - Zizia aurea

Nectar Source - For Butterflies, Soldier Beetles, large bees visit for nectar

Pollen - Native Bees - Mining Bees specialize in Golden Alexander

Host Plant - For caterpillars of Black Swallowtail, Ozark  Swallowtail and Rigid Sunflower Borer

Deer - Deer aren't crazy about this plant

- Insects that prey on insect pests

For detailed information on Golden Alexander visit the Illinois Wildflower website
Yellow flowers that look like umbrellas
Golden Alexanders flowers look like yellow umbrellas!

Seed Provenance - Zizia aurea  -

 James Town, New York, Audubon Nature Center, 2012. Nodding Onion Gardens - 2013 to Present
tiny bee on the yellow flowers of Golden Alexander
Bee visiting Golden Alexander - Jim Wohl

Cultivation Information 

Golden Alexander

Height - 1 - 3 ft
Flower Color - Yellow
Blooms - April - August
Sun - Sun Part shade
Soil - Moist normal

Provides - Nectar & Pollen early in the

Family –Apiaceae/Umbelliferae - Carrot family
On a sunny day yellow Golden Alexanders are in full bloom
Golden Alexander in Jim Wohl's wildlife garden
Large black butterfly with blue and white spots sitting on a ladies hand
Black Swallowtail on Photographer Beth Reis's hand

Propagation Notes