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Zizia aurea - Golden Alexanders

Ohio Native Plant - Natural Range

Zizia aurea

Visit the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service website to view the natural range Golden Alexannders
skipper which is a small butterfly resting on the yellow flowers of Zizia aurea
Skipper on Zizia aurea - Jim wohl

Wildlife Significance - Zizia aurea

Nectar Source - For Butterflies, Soldier Beetles, large bees visit for nectar

Pollen - Native Bees - Mining Bees specialize in Golden Alexander

Host Plant - For caterpillars of Black Swallowtail, Ozark  Swallowtail and Rigid Sunflower Borer

Deer - Deer aren't crazy about this plant

- Insects that prey on insect pests

For detailed information on Golden Alexander visit the Illinois Wildflower website
Large black butterfly with blue and white spots sitting on a ladies hand
Black Swallowtail on Photographer Beth Reis's hand
flower of Golden Alexander
Golden Alexander
leaves Zizia aurea - Golden Alexanders
leaves of Zizia aurea - Golden Alexanders

Propagation Notes

tiny bee on the yellow flowers of Golden Alexander
Bee visiting Golden Alexander - Jim Wohl

Cultivation Information 

Golden Alexander

Height - 1 - 3 ft
Flower Color - Yellow
Blooms - April - August
Sun - Sun Part shade
Soil - Moist normal

Provides - Nectar & Pollen early in the

Family –Apiaceae/Umbelliferae - Carrot family
On a sunny day yellow Golden Alexanders are in full bloom
Golden Alexander in Jim Wohl's wildlife garden
Zizia aurea - Golden Alexanders
Zizia aurea - Golden Alexanders
Zizia aurea - Golden Alexanders
Zizia aurea - Golden Alexanders

Seed Provenance - Zizia aurea  -

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