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Columbia Station, Ohio, USA


Beth Reis's Garden - Granby Connecticut

Slender Blue Flag Irises.
Slender Blue Flag Irises.

Unfortunately, you would have to zoom in on the above picture to see the (Slender Blue Flag) irises.

Beth Reis - John's Garden
John's - Dad's - Grandpa's Garden

The blue lupine are in the backyard garden with the blue
shed in the background . If you zoom in you can see the leaves, but they aren't in bloom. I collected those seeds along the Rails to Trails bike path. They grow there abundantly

Wildflower garden in Granby CT, USA
Beth Reis -   Garden Granby, CT
I have acquired most of my perennials, traditional and native from friends and our town's Sow and Reap Garden Club's spring sale. A nice thing about planting native plants is if you lose one, most likely someone can replace it for you from their garden.

Black-eyed Susan's
Black-eyed Susan's
native blackeyed Susans
Spectacular Favorites

All of the other native plants I have photos, but not digital. The spiderwort is very happy in my shade garden along with hosta, ferns and Forget-me-Nots. My foamflower is in two other shade gardens with ferns, coralbells, astilbe, and bleeding hearts. Another native plant I had was New England Asters. I would love to get more of them!