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National Flower of Sweden - Linnaea borealis - Twin Flower

A small green plant with dainty little bell shaped flowers that appear both pink and white
Flower of Sweden - Twin Flower

September, 2011 

(Se the “Smålands”flower Linnéa named after Carl von Linné, who invented the sexual system of plants. Its so small and smell of vanilla in the night. It is blooming in the beginning of June.)

The Twin Flower -  Linnaea borealis  is the  national flower of Sweden. It is named after Carl Linnaeus who is considered to be the father of taxonomy; that is, the scientific classification of living things. Linnaeus' system, that he developed nearly 300 years ago, now known as the "Linnaean Classification System"  is pretty much what is in use today for classifying flowers. It includes that familiar Latin- based two component system.   


Linnaeus was born 1707 in the Swedish province of Småland that is about ten miles from the little village of Nöttja where your grandfather Carl Dahlin  was born in 1887.  The photos were taken by Ann-Mari Dahlin, an architect that lives in Sweden, whose grandfather was Carl's oldest brother


The twin flower is a very delicate wild plant that grows in the spruce forest . It is about one inch high that grows in pairs and smells like vanilla. 

A small red cabin surrounded by a wooden fence with slanted panels, there are several  square gardens inside the fence
Reconstruction of Linnaeus's home in the little village of Råshult , Sweden
 A black and white photo of a church with a tall steeple
1948 picture of the church in Nöttja -
The church built in the 1300's, is still in use, and is considered by many as a  national treasure.Carl was baptized there and his parents were married there.
A piece of driftwood about a foot long and 6 inches wide with a carving of a white boat with a yellow flag
Swedish art work