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Gerry's Fringed Gentian - Oberlin, Ohio

Nuttall's Lobelia - Lobelia nuttallii
Nuttall's Lobelia - Lobelia nuttallii - Fall 2010
 Helenium autumnale - Sneezeweed
Sneezeweed - Helenium autumnale
 Parnasia glauca
Grass - of - Parnassuss - Parnasia glauca
Fringed Gentian - Gentiana crinita. These pictures are from my friend Gerry, whom I met at the Oberlin Farmer's Market.
Next years seeds include these little beauties.

 Fringed Gentian stays closed on cloudy days and opens when the sun shines.
Gentiana crinita - Fringed Gentian
Fringed Gentian - Gentiana crinita
We (Mike, Eric and some students and I) went on a walk to see the fringed gentian. It was spectacular, so I'm forwarding his pictures to you.
From friend Gerry

*note - The Fringed Gentian - Gentianopsis crinita - is listed on the Ohio Department of Natural Resourse Rare Native Plant list (2010-2011) as potentially threatened.

The Fringed Gentian - Gentianopsis crinita - is listed on the Department of Natural resourse Rare Native Plants 2010-2011 Status List

Fringed Gentian
Fringed Gentiana - Gentiana crinita