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Ghost Town Trail - Rails to Trails
 Indiana County, PA

Ghost Town Trail sign painted on rock wall
Ghost Town Trail

Thirty- two miles of trail  on the Ghost Town Trail - Indiana County, PA. There are still reminders that this was once a mining community. It would be easy to dwell on that aspect instead of the positive. We have chosen to post pictures that celebrate the hard work and dedication that the people of Indiana County have put into creating a fabulous network of bike trails.

 The improvements include:remediation parks/projects, new bridges, benches, mini pavilions and my personal favorite wild flowers. There were so many that if I stopped to take pictures we would never finish. There were Wingstem, Sunflowers, Boneset, Ironweed, Joe-Pye Weed (two types), Goldenrod, Asters and even a few late blooming Phlox.

Early Sunflowers near a bike
Ghost Town Trail - Ox -eye Sunflowers
Indiana County, PA Remediation - Park - Project
Remediation - Park - Project