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Jim's  Wohl's Garden

Certified Wildlife Backyard

  Jim Wohl has been a National Wildlife Federation Stewardship volunteer for many years now, I had the pleasure of meeting him when I began my training this April.

  Jim is a talented photographer and videographer, more importantly he is a visionary. He is on a self declared mission to "Change the world but not by himself!"

 Jim has initiated such a diverse group of projects that I am not certain where to begin, so I started where I assumed he did, his own backyard. I felt like a kid in a candy shop trying to choose a few pictures from his site Jim's Garden that best represented what is possible when one begins to garden with wildlife in mind.

  It is important to realize Jim resides in a suburb west of Cleveland, where the yards are not especially large. His work is proof that regardless or your lot size, balcony or porch, by providing water, food and shelter, you too can become a "wildlife steward"!

Liatris providing nectar for a Monarch
Liatris providing nectar for a Monarch
Butterflyweed - Favorite Milkweed Plant
Milkweed plants although the sole food source for the Monarch caterpillar, also provides pollen and nectar for a wide range of native pollinators.
humminbird on feeder
Hummingbird dropping in for a drink
robin drinking water
Robin finding water in the middle of a snow storm
Jim's yard has five different sources of water for wildlife, including this heated dog dish. Or should we say Robin's dish. Regardless of the weather birds and other small animals can easily locate clean fresh drinking water.
dragon fly
Dragonfly in the suburbs
You are not seeing things! Jim has a small pond in his yard that attracts dragonflies. Can you guess what they eat? Mosquitoes