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Front Yard of Laurie & Dave'Front Yard of Laurie & Dave's "wildlife sancutuary"s "wildlife sanutuary"
Front Yard of Laurie & Dave's "wildlife sancuatary"
June 15, 2012

I had the privilege of delivering an order of native plants to Laurie and Dave’s home in a community, west of Cleveland, Ohio. They were kind enough to give me a tour of their “backyard wildlife sanctuary”.


When the couple moved into their home 12 years ago their lot was rather traditional, large trees (that recently needed to be removed) and a grassy yard. Their passion for “birding” led them to have their yard certified as both a Wild Life Habitat and Butterfly Way Station. They are proud to have counted 83 different bird species visiting or flying over their property. Despite their success, they were nervous having a person who owns a native plant business drop by, thinking that I would expect them only to be raising native wildflowers.


Fortunately, I put their worries to rest rather quickly, like them (only 12 years earlier)  we began adding plants to our yard,  purchasing plants  that were available in local nurseries. Unfortunately, not all of those plants were great choices. However, removing them all at once is just not realistic from both a finanical and “man/women work hours” stand point.


I have used the farmer's markets to encourage people to try adding a few natives, consider leaving one section a little wilder than a traditional yard. I love my father’s philosophy (this keeps my mother happy), he mix natives in with my mother’s favorite annuals. Not a  bad way to do things.

backyard wildlife habitat birdbath flowers
Not your typical suburban backyard
wildflower garden with stone path
Can I sit and relax here a bit?