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Columbia Station, Ohio, USA


Raccoon Creek State Park - Pennsylvania

Joe-pye- weed
Butterflies love Joe-pye-weed

Karin and Beth packpacking
Karin and Beth backpacking
Backpacking with my daughter Karin and Caleb.

This park has wonderfully maintained backpacking trails and campsites.

If the sun was able to peek through the canopy, wildflowers were growing.

 sideways butterfly on Scarlet Beebalm
Look close and you can see a butterfly sideways on the Scarlet Beebalm
7/30 & 8/1 2012

There is a designated wildflower garden in this park, unfortunately dogs are not allow so we did not take the time to visit it. We weren't to disappointed as wildflowers, butterflies and bees were everywhere.
Butterflies on Joe-pye-weed
Joe-pye-weed with butterflies
growing in the park
This was one of the most colorful things we saw all day. Although it isn't a wildflower it is certainly beautiful.