Nodding Onion Gardens

Native Plant Nursery

Columbia Station, Ohio, USA


Jim Wohl's Wildflower & Wildlife Habitat Photos

bee on goldrod
Northern Blue Falg Iris
Monarch Butterfly
Royal Catchfly
winter scene wildlife habitat
Skipper butterfly on Liatris
Hummingbird Moth
Swamp Milkweed seed pods opening
Coneflowers and Liatris
Monarch Butterfly
Humming on Cardinal Flower
Ohio Spiderwort
Ohio Spiderwort
Wildlife habiat
Hummingbird at hummingbird feeder
Monarch on Liatris
Humming on Cardinal Flower
silk caterpillar
Monarch Butterfly on Royal Catchfly
Common Milkweed
Bee on Milkweed
Coneflowers in Wildflower garden
Bee on Native Sunflower
Wildflower garden full of Liatris
Northern Blue Flag Iris
Liatris going to seed
moth on Liatris
Fire Pink
Bee on Early Sunflower
A wildflower garden full of purple coneflowers
Wild Blue Lupine
Hawk in Jim's backyard, Parma Heights, Ohio, USA
Monarch on Butterflyweed