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Columbia Station, Ohio, USA


Ken & Paula Kober's Wildflowers & Wildlife Habitat Photos

Male Red-Bellied Woodpecker
Two  Black-capped Chickadee  on feeder
Buck in the backyard
Bluejay in tree
Black Saddlebags on Verbena
black swallowtail
Hummingbird visiting Lobelia
Hummingbird on Trumpet Honeysuckle
Butterfly on Cup plant
Lonicera sempervirens
little boy and little girl scarecrow decorating a front yard
Monarch Butterfly
Spangled Fritillary Coneflower
Spangled Fritillary Milkweed
Swamp Milkweed Eastern Swallowtail
Sulphur on Cardinal Flower leave
Squirrel Perched
Silver spotted skipper
Red-Sptted Purple
Red-Spotted- Purple on NOG white agastacheb
Red-Spotted-Purple on NOG Joe Pye Weed
Young Monarch
Monarch Caterpillar
First Monarch
Tuffed Titmouse
Rabbit in backyard
Finch hiding in Coneflowers
Bumble Bee on pink Swamp milkweed
Bumble bee enjoying a wildflower
Yellow Coneflowers and Purple Liatris is a wildflower garden
Monarch Butterfly on Cardinal Flower
Bee on joe pye weed