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Agastache scrophulariaefolia - Purple Giant Hyssop

Ohio Native Plant - Natural Range

Agastache scrophulariaefolia

To view the natural range of Purple Giant Hyssop visit the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service website.
A butterfly that is blue and black with orange spots sitting on flowers of Giant hyssop
Red Spotted Purple on Giant Hyssop - Ken & Paula korber

Cultivation Information 

Agastache scrophulariaefolia

6 ft - 
Flower Color
- Purple - light purple not deep like Coneflowers
Blooms - July - October
Sun - Sun/Part Sun

Hardy Zone -

Family - Lamiaceae

A bee buzzing around Purple Giant Hyssop
This bee is so excited he can't stay in one place

Propagation Notes - Agastache scrophulariaefolia


Stratifying Seeds

Seeds placed in Cold Moist Storage   

Fall 2012 to Present - Seeds Collected at Nodding Onion Gardens 

Supplies Needed For Seed Stratification -

1. Zip lock plastic bag

2. Few table spoons of Vermiculite

3. Dampened vermiculite - not soggy

4. Store in refrigerator for 60 days

Five foot patch fo Purple Giant Hyssop
Purple Giant Hyssop residing in a semi shady spot in Roger's garden

Seed Provenance - Agastache scrophulariaefolia

Everwilde Farms, WI 2012 - Nodding Onion Gardens 2013 - present

 Five flowers stalks of Purple Giant Hyssop that look like tall pillars
Purple Giant Hyssop

Wildlife Significance - Purple Giant Hyssop

Pollinator Specialist

The small sweat bee, Dufourea monardae relies on this specific plant for nourishment


By Bumblebees, honeybees and other long-tongues bees

Nectar For Butterflies 

Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Monarchs and sulphurs

Visited by

Humming birds and butterflies, Green Metallic bees and bee flies

DeerAvoid this plant

Xerces Societies -

Top 37 wildflowers that attract pollinators

For detailed information

Visit the Illinois Wildflower website

Purple Giant Hyssop next to beautiful pink Swamp Milkwee
Purple Giant Hyssop in the fall