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 Aquilegia canadensis - Wild Columbine

Ohio Native Plant - Natural Range

Wild Columbine

To view the natural range of Wild Columbine visit the USDSA Natural Resources Conservation Service website.
Flower in the front with the image fading in the background
Aquilegia canadensis - Jim Wohl

Wildlife Significance

 Aquilegia canadensis

Nectar - humming birds, bumble bees and butterflies (Swallowtails and fritlillaries)

Pollen Collecting
Short-tongued Halictid bees collect pollen.

Host Plant -
sole food source for the Columbine Duskywing caterpillars.

- are not fond of this plant

For more detailed information on Wild Columbines visit the Illinois Wildflower site

A large patch of Wild Columbine, the flowers look like red Parachutes
Jim Wohl's Columbine
Propagation Notes for Wild Columbine


Unexpected Germination

September 2017 - Late in month

Seed Package states, seeds need 60 days of cold, moist storage to stimulate germination.


Purchased seed planted in cold frame, late September. Germination noted less than a month later. Decided to bring seedling inside under florescent light for the winter. A wise decision as of December 31, 2017 they are thriving.


Cold Storage 60 days - Small Zip lock plastic bag with a few table spoons of moistened vermiculite

Light Required - Seeds need light to germinate - Planted on top of soil

Seeds Planted - 2-8-2012

Seeds Sprouted - 2-25-2012 - Very Sparse

Night Temperature - 61 - 63°F

Day Temperature - 64 - 65°F - Under florescent lights

Red and yellow wildflowers that hang upside down
Wild Columbine - Jim Wohl

Cultivation Information- Wild Columbine

Height - 10 to 12 inches
Flower Color - red to pale orange
Blooms - April - June
Sun - sun to light shade

Hardy Zone - 3 to 9

Soil - well drained

- 6.0 to 7.0
Family - Ranunculacea
"There from the rock-cleft rude 
Up springs with nodding bells, the Columbine, 
And round her ever, in her solitude. 
The wild bees' wigletts shine."

Howard Gilbert 1907 - From - Second Annual  Report - The Horticultural Societies of Ontario 1908

The red and yellow flowers of the Aquilegia Canadensis look to me like little colorful umbrellas
Aquilegia canadensis - Wild Columbine
A quarter referencing the size of a young Wild Columbine seedling
Identifying Wild Columbine seedlings

Seed Provenance for Aquilegia canadensis -

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