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Coreopsis tinctoria - Plains Coreopsis

Ohio Native Plant - Natural Range

Coreopsis tinctoria

Visit the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service to view that natural range of the Plains Coreopsis

Plains Coreopsis
Plains Coreopsis - By Suzy Rafferty

Wildlife Significance

This flower is a great source of either nectar or pollen to long and short-tongued bees, wasps, butterflies, skippers.

- Enjoyed by small mammals, birds

For detailed information visit the Illinois Wildflower site.
Plains Coreopsis seeds
Our Plains Coreopsis Seeds

Propagation Notes -

Storage - Dry in refrigerator until planting

Seeds planted 2-9-2012

Sprouted - 2-18 -2012 - Many

Night Temperature - 61 - 63°F

Day Temperature -
64 - 65°F -Under florescent lights

Plains Coreopsis

Cultivation Information

Height - 1 to 3 ft
Flower Color
- red - yellow -orange
Blooms - Late summer to fall
Sun -

Hardy Zone - Annual

Soil - Well drained
pH -
Family -
Plains Coreopsis
Photo - Courtesy of Cuyahoga Valley National Park - by © Nancy Piltch

Seed Provenance

Everwild Farms - New Auburn, WI - 2011- Nodding Onion Gardens 2012 - 2014