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Pycnanthemum incanum - Hoary Mountain Mint

Ohio Native Plant Natural Range - Pycnanthemum incanum

Visit the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service website site to learn the natural range of Hoary Mountain Mint.

Endangered - Vermont and New Hampshire
Flowers of Hoary Mountain Mint
Pycnanthemum-incanum - Click on picture linked to inaturalist

Wildlife Significance of Hoary Mountain Mint

Nectar - Hummingbirds, skippers, Hairstreak butterfly, day flying moths,  tachinid flies, syrphid flies, beetles, beneficial wasps

Pollination - Sweet bees, Digger bees and other native bees.

Seed - Large amount of seed produce evidently birds aren't especially fond of them

Pollen nourishment - Leaf Beetles, flies,

Deer - Tend to avoid plants in the mint family

Young Hoary Mountain Mint plant
Young Hoary Mountain Mint - 2020
Close view of flower that is pale white with purple dots
Close up view of Pycnanthemum incanum flower
Cultivation Information

Height - 2 to 3 ft - 
Flower Color
- White with pale purple with poka-dots
Blooms - July - September
Sun - Sun to part shade - woodland edge
Soil - Dry to normal - can handle, drought and clay. Useful for eroding soil

Hardy Zone - 4 to 8

Family - Lamiaceae

Leaves - Silvery white as the plant matures. This past season (2020) was the first time we have raised Hoary Mint. Initially, I thought the plant was sick and had something similar to Powdery Mildew. A closer inspection reveled the baby powder like coating was the telling sign that our plants were indeed Hoary Mint. Hoary means pale white and in the Greek language Pycnanthemum means densely flowered.
Propagation Information

Seed collect in fall of 2020 - were first dried. Dried seed have an unique smell that I can't quite put a finger on. Maybe a combination of severeal Italian herbs. Definitely not minty like I would expect.

*Note to self, in the spring of 2021, take notice of what fresh Hoary Mint leaves smell like.

Stratification - Suggested 90 days cold storage. Seed was placed in small plastic bag with vermiculite and enough water to moisten.

Seed Provenance of Hoary Mint 

Ohio ecotype - Native Bee-Ginnings, Pennsylvania, 2019 - NOG 2020