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Ruellia humilis - Wild Petunia

Ohio Native Plant - Natural Range

Ruellia humilis

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service has a wonderful map showing the natural range of Ruellia humilis
Ruellia humilis Wild Petunia
Dainty flower of the Wild Petunia

Wildlife Significance - Ruellia humilis

Host plant -
Common Buckeye Butterfly

Pollen Source -
Long-tounge bees, leafcutter bees, sweat bees, small carpenter bees, syrphid flies,

Nectar Source - sweat bees, small carpenter bees,  butterflies and moths that fly during the day

Detailed information
- Visit the Illinois Wildflower website
Wild petunias used as a ground cover
Ruellia humilis - a ground cover in the making!
Mature brown Wild Petunia seed
Wild Petunia seed ready to POP!
Seed Provenance -  Ruellia humilis - Wild Petunia Prairie Moon Nursery, Winona, MN - 2014 - Nodding Onion Gardens - 2015 to Present
Showy pink flowers of Ruellia-humilis
Ruellia-humilis - Jim Wohl

Cultivation Information - Wild Petunia

Height -
12 inches
Flower Color
Blooms -
June - Aug
- Full sun - partial sun medium
Soil - Moist to dry

Rock Gardens -nice addition to a sunny rock garden

Drainage - Needs well drained garden location

Border - We have several growing on the parameter of a garden under an oak tree, which is on the west side of our property. Best planted the foreground.

Family - Acanthaceae
Hardy Zone - 4 to 9
Seeds -
Explode up to 10 ft

Wild Petunia seedling
Nodding Onion Garden Wild Petunia seedling

Propagation Notes - Ruellia humilis

Seed -
Collect late in fall once capsule is brown, and begins to split

Stratify -
Cold/moist storage for 70 days. We use small baggies filled with enough moist vermiculite to cover seed. Store in refrigerator for 70 days.

-  NOG seed collected in fall of 2015 had a very high February 2016 germination rate.
Ruellia humilis - Wild Petunia seedlings started February 2016 picture taken April 13, 201
Ruellia humilis - Wild Petunia seedlings started February 2016 picture taken April 13, 2016