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Ohio Native Plant - Natural Range

Silphium laciniatum

To view the natural range of Silphium laciniatum visit the USDA Natural Resources 

Compass Plant is on the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Rare Plant List and is classified and endangered in the state of Ohio

Cultivation Information

 Silphium laciniatum

8 ft
Flower Color - Yellow
Blooms - June - September
Sun - Full sun/part shade

Soil - Wet to dry

Hardy Zone -3 to 9

Family -Asteraceae
leaves of Compass plant
Easily Distinguishable leaves of the Compass Plant
Siphium laciniatum - Compass Plant
Siphium laciniatum - Compass Plant
Compass Plant
Compass Plant flower in full bloom

Wildlife Significance - Compass Plant

Pollinated by - Long-tongued bees, bumblebees, Minor bee

Attracts - Syrphid flies, butterflies like Sulfure and Monarch

Seed - Enjoyed by songbirds and small mammals

For detailed information on Compass Plant visit the Illinois Wildflower website

 A field of Compass Plants
Spectacular! A field of Compass Plants

Propagation Notes for Compass Plant

Slow to mature - Silphium laciniatum was started from seed in February 2016, we didn't expect flowers the first season but were surprised when not one of our Compass Plants bloomed in 2017.

Hopefully, they will get down to business in 2018!
Seed Provenance - Prairie Moon Nursery - 2015- 2017 - Nodding Onion Gardens 2018