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Columbia Station, Ohio, USA


Where Wildflowers Grow

Why Native?
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They add natural beauty into your life!

AEP ReCreation Lands, Ohio

Baldwinsville, NY

Beth Garden - Granby, CT

Gerry's Gentian, Ohio

Jamestown, NY

Jim's Garden

Ken & Paula's Garden

Laurie & Dave's Garden

Lorretta's Patio

Mc Harrie Towne - NY

National Flower of Sweden

Raccoon Creek, PA

Suzy's Garden, Ohio

Maine Botanical Gardens

Whitehall  Michigan

Wabash  Cannanball - Nodding Onion Gardens
Wabash Cannanball - Ohio

This section is a collection of pictures of our friends and families gardens; as well as pictures we have taken on our bike rides.

The majority of our bike trips are on our treasured Rails to Trails, these trails are typically covered with the same flowers that I spent moths (years) learning to grow.

I can merely laugh at myself and the amount of time/work that it has taken to attempt duplicating what nature does so effortlessly.