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Mc Harrie Towne - Baldwinsville, NY

Project Starting Date - May 2012

This is one of the projects that Nodding Onion Gardens has been involved with. My father, Roger Dahlin has done all the work: planting (as well as propagating), this year lots of watering. We are thankful to the Mc Harrie Towne Resident Association for their support and allowing Roger to use their water.

July 12, 2012

I am attaching three photos I took this morning to give you some insight how the garden is doing with mostly your plants The area is about 8X78 feet  The large plants are mostly those I got from you in big pots .I like to think that next year it will really fill in. I will send you later photos because some of the big plants have not bloomed yet.


Butterfly Weed
Butterfly Weed - August 2012
What is great about wildflowers/native plants is that in a year or so this once grassy patch will become a beautiful butterfly garden. As my naturalist friend Dave Davorak says, " growing natives develops and  takes patience.
obedient Plant
Obedient Plant - August, 2012
Monarch on Bonset - September 2012
Monarch on Bonset - September 2012
Mc Harrie Towne Wildflower Garden
Great Blue Lobelia - August 2012

One real pleasant surprise is the photo of the Cardinal flower that is starting  to bloom  I think I told you that I moved this plant from my garden because I thought it was another coneflower  Did not know I could get it to  survive up there

July 2012

Bring Back the Monarch Butterfly!


Would you like to make you garden more earth -friendly?

Let Mr. Roger Dahlin, our future Mc Harrie Towne Resident, show you how.

You have probably seen him in the early morning hours working hard in our recently established wildflower garden, next to the horseshoe pit. The prolonged drought did not make it an easy task, fortunately Jody ’s faucet now provides the needed water, and a soaker hose keeps the plants happy. The monarch butterfly caterpillars will be especially happy: they need milkweeds to survive. I know that milkweed cannot compete with your pretty roses or peonies, but Mr. Dahlin can provide you with a smaller version of the big plant that dominate your garden, and does not need fertilizer or insecticide which is so detrimental to the environment.

Monarch butterflies are the only insect that migrate long distances and unfortunately less of them are coming down from Mexico each year, due to the loss of habitat, etc. They are so beautiful lets give them a hand.

Now if we could convince our chief executive officer to have True Green use less fertilizer and pesticide each year, the butterflies would be much happier.


This article was written by Mc Harrie Towne Resident, Johanna for their community news letter.