Nodding Onion Gardens

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Where Wildflowers Grow

Columbia Station, Ohio, USA


About Us

Beth and Marty Coyne owners Nodding Onion Gardens
Beth & Marty

A Native Plant Nursery 

We are located in Columbia Station - Lorain County,  Ohio. However due to zoning laws our nursery is not open to the public.

The Majority of our sales take place at the Frostville Farmers Market, Located at 24101 Cedar Road in North Olmsted, Ohio 44070. 

See our Our Events Dates page for details.

View from Big Savage Mountain - Greater Allegheny Passage
View from Big Savage Mountain - Greater Allegheny Passage 22 miles up!

Nodding Onion Gardens Blog

Frostville Farmer's Market Featured Vendor - Nodding Onion Gardens

First Market 2010 - Our First Farmer's Market Oberlin. Ohio

Art work in wildflowergarden at Deckers Creek
Deckers Creek Nature Trail

Who we are

Marty and I own and operate Nodding Onion Gardens.The majority of our native plants are started from seed. We practice standard organic gardening principles. Our cold-frames are used only for propagating seedlings. Second season plants obtain their hardiness by weathering our Ohio (USA) winters outdoors.

Beth & Marty Coyne