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April 20, 2018    

Inventory List for Medina Earth Day Festival 

Inventory -
We are finally beginning to see the return of our native perennials. Our inventory will be adjusted as growth appears. Please note that not all Ohio native plants "return" at the same rate. Some are quick to pop their heads into the new season others dilly-dally (like milkweeds) until the very last minute.

Payment - Cash for the Medina Earth Day Festival 

Second season - Our Ohio native plants are sold in gallon pots once they are in their second season and have survived an Ohio winter! 

Additional inventory - Smaller plants that have yet to be transplanted. 

Plant Propagation - We propagate our Native Ohio Plants using organic farming principles. The majority of our plants are started from seed, Organic Neptune's Harvest Fish Fertilizer is our seedling fertilizer of choice. Outside we incorporate: compost, Neptune's Harvest and Organic Garden Tone Fertilizer. Predatory insects are welcome with open arms! 

Pesticides, Herbicides and Fungicides
 - We do not use any type of "cide," which in Latin means "killer" or "the act of killing. Pesticides are designed to eradicate a wide range of plant problems, fungicides kill fungi and herbicides focus on eliminating unwanted plants. 

Shipping - We do not ship our plants

Ohio Native Plants - Updated April 5, 2018
  Scientific Name      Common Name  Additional Inventory Amount Price Second Season   Available - gallon
Agastache scrophulariaefolia Purple Giant Hyssop $6.00
Anemone canadensis Canada Anemone $6.00
Aquilegia canadensis Wild Columbine $6.00
Arisaema triphyllum Jack-in-the Pulpit $6.00
Argentina anserina Silverweed $6.00
Asarum canadense Wild Ginger $6.00
Aster novae-angliae New England Aster $6.00 8
Aster shorti Short's Aster $6.00 8
Asclepias exaltata Poke Milkweed $6.00
Asclepias incarnata Swamp Milkweed $6.00
Asclepias purpurascens Purple Milkweed $6.00
Baptisia australis Wild Blue Indigo $6.00
Caltha palustris Marsh Marigold $6.00
Chelone glabra Turtlehead $6.00 10
Clematis virginiana Virgin's Bower $6.00
Dalea purpurea Purple Prairie Clover $6.00
Echinacea purpurea Purple Coneflower $6.00 25
Eryngium yuccifolium Eryngium yuccifolium $6.00 15
Eupatorim maculatum Joe- Pye- Weed $6.00
Filipendula rubra Queen-of the Prairie $6.00 6
Geranium maculatum Wild Geranium $6.00 8
Helianthus mollis Downy Sunflower $6.00
Helianthus strumosus Pale Sunflower $6.00
Helianthus tuberosus Jerusalem artichoke $6.00
Heliopsis helianthoides Oxeye Sunflower $6.00
Iris cristata Woodland Iris $6.00
Iris Versicolor Nor.Blue Flag Iris $6.00 6
Liatris spiacata Blazing Star $6.00
Lobelia cardinalis Cardinal Flower $6.00
Lobelia siphilitica Great Blue Lobelia $6.00 8
Monarda didyma Scarlet Beragmot $6.00.
Monarda fistulosa Wild Beragmot $6.00.
Opuntia humifusa Prickly Pear Cactus $6.00.
Packera aurea Golden ragwort $6.00. 30
Parthenium integrifolium Wild Quinine $6.00
Penstemon digitalis Foxglove Beardtongue $6.00 10
Penstemon hirsutus Hairy Beardtongue $6.00
Poloygonatum canaliculatum Solomon's Seal $6.00
Pycnathemu tenuifolium Mountain Mint $6.00 5
Parthenocissus quinquef Virginia Creeper $6.00
Physostegia virginian Obedient Plant $6.00
Ratibida pinnata Grey-headed Coneflower $6.00 15
Ruellia humilis Wild Petunia $6.00
Senna hebecarpa Wild Senna $6.00
Silene regia Royal Catchfly $6.00
Silene viriginica Fire Pink $6.00
Silphium laciniatum Compass Plant $6.00
Silphium perfoliatum Cup Plant $6.00 10
Tiarella cordiifolia Foamflower $6.00
Tradescantia ohiensis Ohio Spiderwort $6.00 15
Uvularia grandiflora Great Merrybells $6.00
Verbena stricta Hoary Vervain $6.00
Vernonia noveboracensis New York Ironweed $6.00
veronicastrum virginicum Culver's Root $6.00 10
zizia aurea Golden Alexanders $6.00 30
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