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 Aquilegia canadensis - Wild Columbine

Ohio Native Plant - Natural Range

Wild Columbine

To view the natural range of Wild Columbine visit the USDSA Natural Resources Conservation Service website.
 Aquilegia canadensis - Wild Columbine
Aquilegia canadensis - Wild Columbine

Wildlife Significance

 Aquilegia canadensis

Nectar - humming birds, bumble bees and butterflies (Swallowtails and fritlillaries)

Pollen Collecting
Short-tongued Halictid bees collect pollen.

Host Plant -
sole food source for the Columbine Duskywing caterpillars.

- are not fond of this plant

For more detailed information on Wild Columbines visit the Illinois Wildflower site

Propagation Notes for Wild Columbine


Unexpected Germination

September 2017 - Late in month

Seed Package states, seeds need 60 days of cold, moist storage to stimulate germination.


Purchased seed planted in cold frame, late September. Germination noted less than a month later. Decided to bring seedling inside under florescent light for the winter. A wise decision as of December 31, 2017 they are thriving.


Cold Storage 60 days - Small Zip lock plastic bag with a few table spoons of moistened vermiculite

Light Required - Seeds need light to germinate - Planted on top of soil

Seeds Planted - 2-8-2012

Seeds Sprouted - 2-25-2012 - Very Sparse

Night Temperature - 61 - 63°F

Day Temperature - 64 - 65°F - Under florescent lights

 Aquilegia canadensis - Wild Columbine
Aquilegia canadensis - Wild Columbine
"There from the rock-cleft rude 
Up springs with nodding bells, the Columbine, 
And round her ever, in her solitude. 
The wild bees' wigletts shine."

Howard Gilbert 1907 - From - Second Annual  Report - The Horticultural Societies of Ontario 1908

Cultivation Information- Wild Columbine

 Aquilegia canadensis - Wild Columbine
Wild Columbine

Height - 10 to 12 inches
Flower Color - red to pale orange
Blooms - April - June
Sun - sun to light shade

Hardy Zone - 3 to 9

Soil - well drained

- 6.0 to 7.0
Family - Ranunculacea
Photo Prairie Moon Nursery
A quarter referencing the size of a young Wild Columbine seedling
Identifying Wild Columbine seedlings

Seed Provenance for Aquilegia canadensis -

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